Books, Big Brother Bezos, and Big Government to the rescue?

Posted On: Tuesday - March 12th 2019 9:30AM MST
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Big Brother Bezos:

Due to some of the Orwellian type of action being taken (well, if you can call punching in some flags in the database, "action") by the Four F.A.G.S. of the Apocalypse lately, there is talk of getting the US Feral Gov't involved. The latest, per a Ron Unz article that got long and veered completely off the subject*, American Pravda: Amazon Book Censorship, is's ramp up of the banning of books certain people don't like. Mr. Unz does bring up these certain organizations, and the ADL and $SPLC are two of them. Why Amazon listens to them is your guess, but my guess would be that they feel the need to suck up to whomever the Feral Gov't has been sucking up to.

With this censorship by these large "private" entities, there's lots of writing all over the web about what should be done about it. We should all know that the US Constitution's Bill of Rights very first Amendment is a ban on the US Federal Government's control of speech of any sort. No, that doesn't include private entities. The arguments over whether these huge natural monopolies (see The F.A.G.S. space and new competition) are truly private, and what deal, so to speak, the US government should have with them. Many arguments on the breaking-up of these monopolies and the immunity from libel due to being publishers vs. whatever have good points. Discussion of those arguments will be the subject of an upcoming post.

I've been in on-line arguments about this too. My problem is with the people that think the solution to this Big-Biz Stupidity is to simply have the US Feral Government take control, you know, for our own good and all that. I don't know how someone with even a minute knowledge of US political history, what with ONE CENTURY now of encroaching central government, could really believe this would be a good thing. Really, Socialists, do you think that the US Government will put the kibosh on censorship? Who will make the determination of what is censorship? Do you think that particular bureaucracy will be manned by just thinking (maybe?) people like yourselves? Have you known people in the US Government?

Most of us with any experience in life know that with plenty of exceptions, the rank-and-file in the whole millions-of-employees US, State, and local governments are NOT your type to appreciate freedom. They'd have quit by now, otherwise. There is a large preponderance of left-wing, D-squad people in the employee ranks, as, after all, they do want to keep their jobs. The bosses, as a matter of fact, want to be boss of MORE people, so they'd like there to be MORE jobs. This is common sense to most of us.

Take a look at the people in Big-Ed and at the Universities. Do they seem like the small government proponents to you, seeing as their paychecks come from government, meaning part local, part State, and part Federal taxes?

So, let me get this straight, alt-right Socialists: You want the US Feral Gov't, who's been running scams for years to outsource your jobs, deliberately replacing you as a people, and taking big chunks of your life's labor to give to irresponsible people to raise THEIR kids with, to run a very fair system to make sure the F.A.G.S. and others play fair? This is after you've seen the fairness of Affirmative Action and Hate Crime" enforcement, right?

Is that still a yes? Well, in that case, I may need to attend one of your conventions, should the Feral Gov't make a positive effort to defend your right to speak there, haha. I will be bringing some promotional materials regarding some very nice swampland I am selling in south Florida ... big lots ... of mosquitoes, copious brackish water ... hurricane-proof large lots... they're a steal, people! See you all there.

BTW, It's just a shame about though. Mr. Bezos was a hard-working (grew up on a cattle ranch) guy who had not just a bright idea ("Hey, sell stuff on the internet!"- pretty much the only big idea of Internet Bubble 1.0), but worked his ass off to turn a garage operation into 2 big warehouses selling books, music CDs, videos, and software within a couple of years, by mid 1998. Well, those "big" warehouses became obsolete and the hundreds or so really big automated ones selling everything one would want, along with the always bullet-proof web-site, IMO, being a "platform"** for selling all kind of crap that they don't even have to handle.

Did Mr. Bezos go wrong? Is he really in charge, or did some Deep State that he no coulda' refused suck him into the evil of censorship of the original wonderful things that he loved and started his business for, books?

Younger Jeff Bezos,
sure, you get old, but you don't have to turn evil ...

... nobody's got a gun to your head, right? Wait ... does he?

* I highly respect the guy, but he went off on some large tangent about the particular subject matter on the books getting banned, rather than sticking to what's going on with Big Brother Amazon.

** "Platform" for a virtual entity is one of those PSPP, Peak Stupidity Pet Peeves. It bugs the crap out of me, in fact, but I guess is still a useful term. Why do geeks have to appropriate their words from the physical world? Make up your own stuff, geeks!

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