AntiChrist-frontrunner Spawn Suffers SJW Spat

Posted On: Tuesday - March 19th 2019 8:58AM MST
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Not an AntiChrist - sometimes it skips a generation.

Near the time of our Blog-Birth, in December of '16, Peak Stupidity posted our thoughts on the possible AntiChrist candidates in American politics. Our speculation on the Øb☭ma, the Hildabeast, and, finally, the Soros, put us in a quandary. It's not like a lot of research has been done, and sources seem few and far between regarding this 3rd rail, if I may, of American politics, beating out Social Security* by a pubic hair.

Chelsea Clinton may or many not be the offspring of one ex-President William J. Clinton, but there's no doubt on the whole internet that she is the spawn of one of our AntiChrist possibilities. As much as Bill Clinton was one sleazy, corrupt, very-likely murderous bastard, he did all of that out of self-interest, with little regard for anything about falling from Grace or some kind of War in Heaven. Nope, he was just in it for the money, fame, and poontang. The other one, who shall be named the Hildabeast, has some very real AntiChristaline properties. The spawn of this marriage of political convenience, Mrs. Chelsea Clinton, of New York City, though a part of the ctrl-left, just does not seem AntiChrist material. Can it even be passed on genetically, and if so, does it skip a generation? Further readings of the Book of Revelation may be in order. (Hopefully, it's on the internet and hasn't been banned by some other AntiChrist candidates.)

Mrs. Chelsea Clinton, shown in the picture above "of child" is having her 3rd. That is admirable to Peak Stupidity, especially because we have not heard of any late 1970's-horror-movie type incidents of any OBs being bitten in the neck to bleed out during delivery for EITHER of the first two. Of course, that is just the exact sort of thing that'd be kept hush-hush for our privileged elites, come to think of it.

The Clinton Baby? Inquiring minds remain skeptical.

No, really, good on Chelsea Clinton for being a three-time Mom. No matter how feminist the Hildabeast is, would she not still be proud and happy, AntiChrist or not? I would hope that, if she really spends time with her offspring, Chelsea Clinton would become a bit more conservative. This finally leads to the point today, which from a NY Post article (warning, may jam up your browser, so don't keep it loaded long) about this Mrs. Clinton suffering a SJW's spittle and accusations of her speech being a cause of the ChristChurch massacre.

Let me digress again, here, the place is ChristChurch is it? It's not MohammadMosque, come to think of it, so what the hell were those people doing there in New Zealand to begin with?! Really, this is not to say they deserved to have been slain, by any means, but, again, as per Peter Brimelow's article discussed yesterday, the whole idea of importing such a dissimilar culture is some high-level stupidity! You don't get kind of stupidity at the dollar store, no, you've got to go shopping on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive for this shit.

Oh, yeah, well, blah, blah, the dot-Indian-looking SJW verbally ripped on Mrs. Clinton, per the NY Post:
“After all that you have done, all the Islamophobia that you have stoked,” senior Leen Dweik angrily tells Clinton in a since-deleted viral video posted Friday night by student activist Rose Asaf. “This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words you have put out in the world.

“The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there,” seethed Dweik, wearing a Bernie Sanders 2020 T-shirt — and referring to Clinton’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel last month.
Miss Asaf was virally angry, see, and Miss Dweik was literally seething ... who TF are these people?
“I’m so sorry you feel that way,” Clinton, a co-founder of NYU’s multicultural center who is pregnant with her third child, responded, prompting other students to chime in.

“What does ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ mean? What does that mean?” a person shouted from the crowd
OK, enough defending of Chelsea Clinton, possible, but unlikely spawn of the AntiChrist, against some idiot Moslem loudmouths. I gotta agree - "I'm so sorry you feel this way." is one really asinine comment that I've heard too much of myself (did Chelsea get it from her Dad, when told "No, that's no cigar! I'm not doing it!"?). Listen, if you don't agree with an in-your-face SJW like this, then tell him off; there's no need to be sorry.

OTOH, is this questioning of her right to have her opinions, no matter how idiotic, going to possibly nudge Mrs. Clinton in a Libertarian direction? That assumes a certain amount of logic, so ... OK, I don't know whose side to be on, but it's very nice rooting against both. That's one thing about this "Coalition of the Fringes" thing (Steve Sailer terminology), especially with the Blue D-squad of The Party, in which white people (especially men, but women too now) have been sidelined. That's where you just make sure the Gator Aid is full, and take video with your cell phone. In ZeroHedge parlance, go long Orville Redenbacher!

* Here's Part 2 on the Social Security scam , err, scheme.

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