Takin' it to the Streets ... or at least the playground.

Posted On: Monday - September 23rd 2019 7:57PM MST
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Your kids on Government Indoctrination. It ain't pretty!:

Breaking news: Students took to the streets a couple of days ago to protest against the changing climate. Late September being a time of very nice weather in most climates in the areas in which anybody really cares, who could pick a better day for the kids to get outdoors and away from their computers?

OK, they were protesting against people who are alleged to be changing the climate for all of us. From the Wall Street Journal, which still prints that planet-killing pro-immigration rag on dead trees (they're not making any more of the ... wait ..), we can read that Students Take to the Streets for Day of Action on Climate Change. ♫♪♪ Takin' it to the streets ... whoa, whoa, takin' it to the streets." ♫♪♪ Let's see, that's only 4 decades old. It's not the ex-hippy parents all the time encouraging this shit - after all, most are beyond their parenting stage. Nope, this stuff is encouraged by the schools now, with the brainwashing on Global Climate DisruptionTM.

The first thing I thought about when I saw this stuff in the background behind my calorie burn on the exercise machine is "who wouldn't want a day off in late September? After the long summer (even longer now, they tell me), there's a certain time when the air is cool in the morning, you feel invigorated, and the cats just go jumping around for the hell of it, after spending the summer spread out on the concrete in the shade of the big oak tree. It's a great time of year, and why spend any day inside of the government indoctrination centers, if you don't have to?!

I was scooped on this thought by the British Daily Mail with 'I just wanted the day off': School children admit they used climate change protests as an excuse to skip class – as Melbourne crowd hits 100,000 during mass 'save the planet' strike. (Yes, along with Global Climate DisruptionTM, we have Headline Lengthening to deal with - lots of headaches these days, huh?) I KNEW IT! All those kids wanted was to get outside.
As the sea of people made their way to the event in Sydney at midday, some school students on scooters could be seen heading in the opposite direction - appearing disinterested in the event. 

A group of 14-year-old boys straggling at the back of the crowd near the Domain told Daily Mail Australia they weren't interested in the protest. They said they were just happy to be out of the class room.
Give 'em about 2 more years and they'll be more interested in these types of protests due to "treehuggers are easy!"

Concerned kids dig for evidence of a cooler past:

From the WSJ article now:
In the Solomon Islands, protests sprang up over rising sea levels. Hundreds of schoolchildren in Thailand burst into the headquarters of the environment ministry in Bangkok and then lay down to mimic their own extinction.
I guess learning to tread water and raising money for bailing buckets is out of the question.
In Russia, a major fossil fuel exporter, climate activists on Friday held small-scale protests in across the country’s 11 time zones, with those in Moscow planning single-person pickets to circumvent official curbs on mass protests.

President Vladimir Putin ’s government recently decided to ratify the 2015 Paris agreement on limiting emissions and introduced proposals for a law capping industrial emissions despite objections from industrialists. It was a notable shift for the country’s government, and ordinary Russians also are paying closer attention to the dangers of a climate shift after a summer of devastating wildfires and floods.
I'm very dissapointed in Vlad Putin. First, the Communism, but he's put that behind him. Now, he caves to the Globalists on the Climate Stupidity. Well, I can tell you that Peak Stupidity's man-crush on Premier Putin is OVER. I will delete my entire folder of Vladimir Putin bare-chested horse-riding photos, you Commie cuck!
Before Greta’s speech, many gathered in Foley Square in Lower Manhattan to march. They chanted, “What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!” Construction workers along the march route blew air horns in solidarity while passersby clapped and cheered.
OK, now that chant is over 5 decades old. You people have GOT TO find some new chants! I always thought these were the creative types. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the construction workers just wanted to see all sides of the high school girls in shorts. You may call it solidarity. Another interpretation is horniness.
“We know we need to burn less fossil fuel, but when taxes on the most polluting fuels are zero or close to zero, there is little incentive to change,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría. “Energy taxes are not the sole solution, but we can’t curb climate change without them.”
Aaahaaa! Finally, we get to the bottom of this. It's about money and control.

Parents, if your schools allow this stuff, you really need to consider homeschooling. I've been glad to have heard nothing about it. Now, if they give the kids a choice of acting like a 1960's lefty or getting to go play for the day, I'm for it.

"What do we want? Longer Recess!
When do we want it? We want it now!"

Now listen, I've said some bad things about Michael McDonald and his ruining the rock sound of the Doobie Brothers back in the mid/late 1970's. I'm gonna cut him some slack for this one. Forget the lyrics - it's the usual lefty-whining nonsense. (McDonald's influence? I can't prove it.) Though jazzy vs. rock sounding, at least vocals-wise, I like Takin' it to the Streets, from the album of the same name. After band leader Tom Johnson got ulcers from the stress of touring, Michael McDonald took over lots of the vocals - that was the downfall of this previously-great rock band.

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