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Posted On: Wednesday - October 9th 2019 8:25AM MST
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As if often the case, it's Steve Sailer's commentary on the stupidity he reads in the Lyin' Press (this time the Seattle Times) that sets our site's Peak Stupometer off. The stupidity Mr. Sailer related in Seattle Times: "Is Math Racist?" was enough to peg the needle in fact, so we cannot really tell you exactly HOW STUPID this stuff is, beyond a certain number.

From Mr. Sailer's excerpt of the Staff Reporter Elise Takahama:
Seattle schools are in the process of developing ethnic-studies frameworks for different subjects, including social studies and art.

… But while some school districts are only building stand-alone ethnic-studies classes, Seattle is also rethinking existing courses to be taught through an anti-racist lens. …

In math, lessons are more theoretical. Seattle’s recently released proposal includes questions like, “Where does Power and Oppression show up in our math experiences?” and “How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?”
OK, I felt my eyes roll back early on, during that bolded (mine) wording. This stuff is exactly why Colleges of Education should be TERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!

Brainstorming in the Faculty meeting:

The advanced-degree programs in these Ed-Schools get lots of enrollment, as it is forced upon the poor budding elementary/middle/high school teachers as a qualification required for employment in many school districts. Many of them, students and faculty, have got to know it's all a waste of time. These colleges just have to keep these people busy though, so they don’t all know for sure that their whole required degrees are SCAMS. If you’re going to have 10’s of thousands of future elementary school teachers writing theses every year, you’d damn well come up with some topics.

That’s where this stuff comes from. I have some BS on a couple of "here's what we did this week" papers my elementary school student brought home. One said “I am learning to: use prior knowledge (schema) to make connections and inferences when I am reading”. The other said "I am learning: strategies that I use to read unknown words".

For crying out loud, if the kid is smart he can just up and read. He's got a brain, so he can understand what he's reading. If he comes upon an unknown word, he can sound it out and ask us later. If the kid ain’t too bright (not ours!), he sure as hell won't be able to explain his "strategy" and will not understand what a “schema” is! I sure don’t!

So, I don’t know if this Elise Takahama of the Seattle Times really believes any of her own crap, but, dammit, if you’re gonna have a whole “Education Lab” paid for by Bill Gates, you’ve got to come up with some new shit now and then. Microsoft customers are gonna get wise. They may, worst case, get off their asses and switch to Linux... some day in the near, near future ...

Sunday - April 5th 2020 9:16AM MST
PS: That's not one of the answers on the multiple choice final exam. Sorry, Adam, pick another, or NO TEACHING JOB FOR YOU.

Oh, explain the linux part. Is is something from the Seattle Times article? (It's been a while.)
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 5th 2020 7:27AM MST
PS: I'm a linux guy.

“How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?”

PricewaterhouseCoopers comes to mind.

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