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Posted On: Friday - March 27th 2020 12:04PM MST
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School will be out for a while where we live, and as I've written already multiple times, it's impacting the learning process... in a good way. I'll leave that aside for this post, as it's about school meals. There may be some contract deal about the school meals in place or more likely fear of some kind of riot, but for the last few weeks, the school breakfasts and lunches have been made and could be picked up at the appropriate times. This was only at a few of the schools, where I suppose they would be piled up, but one can guess in which neighborhoods these select few were located.

Yes, our 8 y/o has been eating the school-provided lunch for the last year or so. We were feeding him healthier stuff before that, but he eats so slow that he'd bring almost the whole thing back - better for him to have the chocolate milk and junkier stuff that goes down quick, and he may as well use some of my property tax money. The amount of food wasted by the kids as a whole is huge. Nobody has cared. They'll talk all about "saving the planet" in class, but all kinds of (tasty, I must admit, not like Lisa Simpson's meal above!) goes right to the landfill.

I got off the subject there. OK, the new plan, with the school hiatus being extended, is that the parents can pick up all 10 meals for the week, for each kid, on Mondays. It's very plainly nothing but welfare now. I do get that the kids ought to have something in their bellies for the day, assuming they may have neglectful parents. I call BS on the whole thing though. There is SNAP, there are EBT cards, there is WIC free/cheap food, not to mention the Section-8 housing subsidies. Are there really people that are taking care of these kids that can't feed them a couple of cups of milk, cereal, a sandwich, and some carrots?

Sometimes I really wonder how these people will behave in a real SHTF situation when the money, transportation, and logistics providing them with these freebies is gone. I really want to see the looks on their faces, but then, right now I don't even want to enter the neighborhood to pick up 10 taxpayer-funded meals that I'd gladly eat myself if they weren't so unhealthy! These neighborhoods themselves are pretty unhealthy, as the only way to keep a social distance there is by open carrying. OK, I'd better not "go there", as they say.

This is what I'd like to see when the SHTF:

Saturday - March 28th 2020 2:34PM MST
PS: You've got a good point. Even bringing manufacturing back won't help much. Robotic machines will be doing lots of jobs, and 95% of the black people will not be up for working on the the robots.

Being honest about this will get one in a big heap of trouble. Sending the illegal Mexicans/C. Americans home will make some difference but is no total solution.
Saturday - March 28th 2020 10:26AM MST
PS Well, something has to be done with the blacks. An average 85 IQ population is going to have a tough time of it in an “information economy”. We no longer need them for cotton cultivation. The Mexicans have replaced them in other types of agriculture. And in meatpacking. And in construction. And in the so-called hospitality industries. The heavy industry in which some of them got a foot on the ladder after WWII has been exported (see, e.g., Gary, Indiana). Until some solution is found (if it ever is), we have to provide them with necessities. The thing that gets up my nose about the situation is that we lie about why we do so. Instead of telling the truth: That mire than half of them don’t have the brainpower to function in the economy, we say that the reason that they live in squalor and shoot each other at alarming rates is that I’m a “rayciss’”. Bleep that horsebleep.
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