Kung Flu vs. VD

Posted On: Tuesday - April 21st 2020 7:04PM MST
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(Continued from this post which digressed all to hell.)

Holy smokes! This table is crawling with live virae!

Gotta be a coupla' dozen of 'em. "You'd think outside a fancy coffee shop like this, they could keep the virae off the food!"

Man, there were dozens of people, young, medium, and old, coming to the coffee shop this morning. The place was only allowed to serve people outside from the doorway, but with this beautiful weather and a lot of people who are getting unconcerned rather quickly about this Kung Flu business, it was all very nice. I'd brought my tea, just trying to cut down on the sugar from hot chocolate (well, and the place is kind of a rip-off on that item). My friends purchased drinks and snacks and we conversed among ourselves and with strangers, ogled 4 short-short-wearing tanned young ladies who came by, talked with people about cars, but mostly about this panic-fest, and talked with another young lady (very cute face and smile) who had her cat on a leash, but she was climbing trees anyway! The cat, that is.

I mentioned this uncertainty by supposed experts on where these germs hang out and for how long. This got me thinking of the old days and the concerns and lectures about what were then collectively called "VD". Maybe you're younger and have only heard the term "STD"s. That terminology, Sexually Transmitted Disease, is really not the best. It's supposed to be more generic-sounding and descriptive. The description just is not very accurate, as plenty of other diseases can be transmitted during sex, ones we would not have called "VD".

Take this Kung Flu, please! (That never gets old.) [I strongly disagree! - Ed] In the midst of heavy sex, including even kissing, assuming a whorehouse is not the venue, this disease will spread a lot easier than it would after spending 2 days hanging out on a metal table outside a coffee shop. We've heard to watch out for the orifices on our face, but, there are quite a few other orifices, you know.

Venereal Disease was the term, I initially understood it as a disease passed from the veneris to the vagineria or vice versa. That was before I knew the real names for all the body parts. Later on, I had all the part names down, and I can remember the guy (I think just one of the PE coaches) roped into the lecture to the Junior/Senior high kids going on about how this VD can be transmitted from/to these parts. He got into it in the same way as some of the Kung Flu panickers. "Well, see you could touch this, and then touch your eye to scratch, and ..." Hell, I'd have been glad to have had a chance to touch that at that time, first of all, then I'd worry about scratching near my eyes.

Did we need to change the term for some of these nasty diseases of the private parts in order to not confuse VD with Valentines Day? Maybe, as Valentines Day is the 4th most lucrative period for the VDs, after Prom night, 1/2 off day at the Chicken Ranch, and the first day off Social Distancing.

I think even for the year 2020, the STDs will have beaten the Kung Flu out in terms of raw caseload requiring medical attention. Imagine if there were a government/media response to STDs like we have had to witness from the Kung Flu. The American porn sector would outperform even Big-Finance. T&A over M&A, any day!

Friday - April 24th 2020 11:15AM MST

Mr. Moderator, after that he moved back to France.

He took umbrage to French Fries becoming Freedom Fries, when all right thinking people knew they were Pommes Frites.
Friday - April 24th 2020 5:53AM MST
PS: Hey, Robert this is not Penthouse Forum, but if you have some more details ... what happened after that? ;-}
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 10:37PM MST
PS: An anecdote:

About 20 years ago I (briefly) worked with a younger guy who grew up with the AIDS scare. He was very popular with the ladies, but for some reason could not keep a girl-friend.

He wanted them to take a cold shower, and lie very still.
(Silence = death) (La petite mort, and all that)

Me, I have done pretty well (by some measures) following Groucho Marx's advice not to join any club that would admit me.

Wednesday - April 22nd 2020 12:54PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, the lying by experts on the AIDS thing threw everyone off for about a decade, before most started listening to their common sense, or got some. The gay thing was NOT a sacred cow at the point those lectures were going on for me. I can't remember, but I'm guessing a gay joke would have gone over fine with the audience AND the coach.

"It was a different time, you understand ..."
Wednesday - April 22nd 2020 8:51AM MST
PS Yep, more language control by TPTB in an attempt at thought control. It does appear to me that a major factor that not paying much attention to diseases acquired through sexual acts is that may of those diseases occur largely among homosexual men. And homosexual men are a sacred sect whose behavior is beyond reproach.
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