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Posted On: Tuesday - October 13th 2020 6:29PM MST
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"This is Library."

"Yeah, no shit."

Because she came to register the twins for elementary school on a certain date that we remember, my wife and I realized it's been a year since this Chinese Scholar visited in our presence.

At this point, see, the Kung Flu comeback is in slow progress, in our area anyway. Basically, besides young idiot frisbee golf players and dufuses* driving around in their cars with face masks on by themselves, everyone seems to have relaxed. Actually, I hope it's more that they've seen through the hysteria.

My son and I were outside the elementary school when this Chinese lady, speaking very good English, told us that these were her twins (fraternal, a boy and a girl) she was registering for school. Now this is a nice school, paid for with lots of middle and upper-middle class property tax money. "Yes, I'm a visiting scholar at the University."

I've seen a lot of this lately. I can remember a dozen Chinese science guys visiting for a year, back in the 1980s, who were like people from Mars at that time. It was in the newspaper and everything, as they were from the mainland, and that was a rare thing. You knew people whose families were from Hong Kong or Taiwan, or else they'd been here for a long time. There was this guy from Latvia, back when it was still in the East Bloc, an engineer who may have had lots to share with the professors about his esoteric field.

That's all good stuff. This lady, and she's not the only one, told me "oh, English is my field." What the 乘坐飞机 性交?! I understand we can all learn something from each other. At the university, it's great to have some new perspective introduced into one's field. But, but ... how in the hell can a Chinese lady add to the body of knowledge of English? We have plenty of Chinese people in every university town or city in America, so we're already culturally enriched up the ying yang!

I don't blame the lady for taking advantage. She's got her 2 children immersed in an English- (and very, very low level of Ebonics-) speaking classroom. The folks footing some of the bill, the Chinese government, are paying for the school indirectly via the property taxes on Mrs. Chinawoman's stipend-supported rent payment. The lady can hang with Chinese people all over town to eat real Chinese food. Her husband got to visit, then went back. He missed the whole Kung Flu fiasco, at least on this end. The two kids are getting along and seem as nice as can be.

The question I have is, how on Earth does a visiting Chinese scholar in the field of English benefit Americans in any way? Will we introduce new words into our languages, say to describe new type of chicken dishes in the buffet restaurants? Will she teach people how to pronounce words like lawyer correctly? (That one's a bitch for them.)

From the US embassy/consulate site for China (in English), I read something about the visiting scholars in the Fulbright Program. No, this is not the well-known Fulbright Scholarship. It comes under the umbrella of the Fulbright Program, though, proposed by Senator J. William Fulbright in 1945 (signed by President Truman in 1946) to foster cultural exchange in both directions at universities around the world.

This may not be the exact program the woman is in, as there are so many people coming to "visit" (who knows?) I do know that almost all of these deals are for a year. Well, it's been over a year. The twins are still in the school. Because this Kung Flu business has the mode of schooling up in turmoil at the present time, she can now be involved, with 2 kids, mind you, in the decision of how to run things.

An assimilated Chinese source in America asks me this: WTF are they still doing here?

PS: Re: "What the 乘坐飞机 性交?!": I did the best with the translation I could, with the internet I got. I back-translated as a check, and, with my English words appended at the beginning, it gave me "What the have sex by air?" Hahahaaa! Pretty good.

* Sorry, spell check is nervous about this one. Is it dufae?

Wednesday - October 14th 2020 1:10PM MST
PS - I have worked in an environment where I was around lots of visiting scholars from East Asia, especially from one particular country (not China), and my impressions were much the same as what you write here.

It was largely a farce, if you saw the inner workings even a little. Most of them didn't even "keep up appearances" by showing up, even semi-regularly. some of them showed up once a month at most. Others showed up daily or near-daily but even these didn't keep long hours and just didn't do much. I couldn't really figure out what any of them really did. But to the untrained outsider's eye, the prestige-term "visiting scholar" was like a dazzling magic amulet.

I got to know some of these visiting scholars. They let me in on the big secret, as they saw it: The entire purpose of getting a visiting scholar slot is to get your kids in US school for a year (or more than a year, if possible), international experience and specifically US/West experience, before heading back. Both of those I knew best confided that this was the reason they came.

The whole program I was familiar with was in highly murky ethical waters, as many would see it as in the territory of visa fraud.
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 10:35AM MST
PS: "Hail is back!" Hey, that was like, yesterday. Try to keep up, Mr. Ganderson. ;-} (I am just backhandedly bragging about how many comments we get now - thank you all.)

Does the wife watch the PBS station, Mr. Blanc?

See, this just one of the myriad small things Trump could do to help. Just hold back a signature on the budget for a lot of little stuff like PBS, NPR, diversity stuff (he has done something on the last one), etc. It's all peanuts, money-wise, but hitting the ctrl-left in their little enjoyments paid for by us would make me feel better anyway.
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 10:26AM MST
PS I’d go with “dufusses”. I would think that the Latinate plural would be “dufi”, but I had my last high school Latin class in 1962 and I haven’t looked back. The wholesale delivery of the republic that out ancestors built to the Chinese is something that our elites should be dangling from the lamp-posts for. Dangling and strangling. No drop to make it painless for them. Mme B became rather upset last night when I said last night that that was the fate that I would visit upon the president (female, probably ((())) ) of the local public television station should I have the chance.
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 6:11AM MST
PS Hail is back!
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 5:41AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, that prep school business is something I also know about. At the local Catholic school (7-12 grades), people from the school actually went on a RECRUITING trip to get Chinese high school students. Absolutely right, it's just for the Benjamins - full tuition to help offset the people they let in cheap because "disadvantaged minority".

At the same place a teacher was fired, right before the Christmas party for showing the students and teaching about some kind of atrocity in modern Moslem lands. Unbelievable. Are these people suicidal? Maybe so-called Pope Francis can lead them over a cliff somewhere. Sooner would be nice.
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 5:34AM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Ganderson, I do need an editor too, haha, but I'll go straight to the dBase and change mine if there are typos I made that just piss me off.

Case in point, I meant to conclude by telling Mr. Anon, that yeah, it's not immigration per se, but it does turn into that often.
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 5:32AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, this one is not even immigration, but just use of our resources. More times than it ought to, these deals turn from visiting scholar visa to some job-Americans-won't-do visa to a permanent residency. Lots of the Chinese visitors don't want to go home, contrary to what Commie sack-hanger Godfree Roberts has been writing on

Some do want to go home. Just about none of that decision making is based on anything but selfish reasons, not any kind of patriotism for one place or the other. I understand that, but how about Americans be a little more selfish and quit giving their whole country away?
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 4:51AM MST
PS. Oh, and it’s “Sieg Heil!”.

Mr. Moderator, you (or perhaps just I) need an edit feature!
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 4:47AM MST
PS. “Ponies were 7 1/2 ounces, not 712 ounces!
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 4:45AM MST

The Chinamen thing is a great scam- all about the Benjamins. Prep schools are particularly egregious violators- they bring in full pay Chinese to add “diversity”, however the Chinese kids do not mix with the rest of the students, and because they are grinds and cheats they get all the academic awards. Pretty much the same in colleges, too, although my guess is the grad students come with instructions from the government.
I renew my call for an immigration policy that is very simple: hockey players and their hot WAGS. Maybe I’ll let in the kids, but no grandma, grandpa, aunts or uncles! That’s it, that’s Uncas (Last of the Mohicans)

And, while I’m cleaning off my mental desk, I mentioned refillable bottles a couple posts back- Mister Blanc commented that he did not remember them, which puzzled me, as we are both in the “OK Boomer” age bracket. What I possibly didn’t make clear is that the bottles, pop, beer etc, were taken back by the merchants, and then the bottling companies would take the containers back to the plant, wash, sterilize and refill them. Each bottle was good for about 8-10 refillings. Coke bottles, which came in 3 sizes, 71/2, 12, and 16 oz, had the original bottling plant stamped on the bottom of each bottle- a geography lesson In every sixer! And, Mr. Blanc, you remember 712 oz beer bottles? They were called “ponies” and came 40 to a case. You could get a case of Rhinelander or Walter’s or Kingsbury for two bucks. Probably you got Old Style in your part of DuPage County!

So I’m back in the Corona Panic homeland, from Central MN, where even though you’re supposed to follow the dictates of Untersturmbannführer Walz (the T-Bone), people are pretty relaxed about masks and such. There were even rakes in the sand traps, which I made much use of, because I was in more bunkers than Eva Braun. Here in MA, Obergruppenführer Baker is telling his subjects that Thanksgiving may be out of the question. Seig Heil. Oh and I can’t play in the annual students vs teachers golf tournament on Friday because I have to quarantine for, I dunno, the rest of my life?
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 12:02AM MST
PS Our immigration policy is not supposed to benefit Americans. It's supposed to benefit everyone else.

Because we're stupid.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - October 14th 2020 12:02AM MST
PS Forget it Jake. It's Chinatown.
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