Harrison Bergeron and the Virginia Department of Education

Posted On: Saturday - April 24th 2021 6:01PM MST
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I started perusing Instapundit (#3 on the tiny blogroll of ours) occasionally again. Professor Reynolds has a handful, maybe 2 handfuls, of bloggers who mostly do the same thing, writing short blurbs with links by the multiple dozens a day. (Perhaps the Professor is still the only one allowed to say "Indeed" and "Heh!" as stand-along commentary.)

Instapundit links to PJ Media's Stephen Green*'s Insanity Wrap regularly, likely daily. That one seems worth 5 minutes a day or so - I like that title too. One of today's 5 or 6 items (all good) included the clip below, a video version of the Kurt Vonnegut Sci-Fi short story Harrison Bergeron. IW's/Green's/Vodka's point was to compare that to a story of the Virginia Department of Education's elimination of advanced classes until 11th grade to make everyone "equal". VDare's James Kirkpatrick did a good job with this story yesterday with The Real Hate Crime Against Asians—Eliminating Accelerated Learning Classes.**

I'd never read the short story till last week or so, amazingly (to myself), as I've heard of the title for years. I did not realize it also is a 1995 full length movie, right there on youtube ... for now.

This clip below, taken from an '06 26 minute version, does the short story justice, IMO, so check it out, if you are not already familiar.. Youtube screwed me over within 3 days, but what the heck, here's the 1995 full-length movie. It's not based on the short story, of course, but I think they did a nice job expanding the story.

This is the same thing I linked to above. Could this movie have been made 25 years later? Nah, it hits too close to home.

Thank you, all you Peakers, for reading this week. Next week, more anti-feminism, a glance at the odious Feral Gov't budget, and much more stupidity!

* Oh, this guy used to be "Vodkapundit" - it brings back memories of a smaller blogsphere.

** Insanity Wrap links to Fox News - I value VDare's take more, as usual, plus Fox News is likely to be a visually-ass-painful website to read from.

[UPDATED 04/27:]
Youtube coincidentally knocked off that ~ 6 minute cut that matched the short story. They have lots of other Harrison Bergeron clips, but not that one. I updated to the full movie, which I watched today.

Sunday - April 25th 2021 4:03PM MST
PS Harrison Bergeron is a favorite story of mine. It's the first thing I thought of when I read that story about the elimination of accelerated math classes. They really would rather drag everyone down rather than allow anyone to excel above others.

I also find myself thinking of Charleston Heston looking at the ruins of the Statue of Liberty in the surf every time I see a new piece of insanity like this:

"Oh my God. I'm back. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"
Adam Smith
Sunday - April 25th 2021 9:17AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Blanc...

Some people are more equal than others. ☮
Sunday - April 25th 2021 7:42AM MST
PS They say that we’re all going to be equal. They mean it. Equally poor, equally ignorant, equally tyrannised. Except for the Nomenklatura, of course.
Sunday - April 25th 2021 5:55AM MST
PS: Equitable math, huh? I guess they don't cover inequalities, which are HARD, because you have to flip the sign around when you divide or multiply by negative numbers.
The Alarmist
Sunday - April 25th 2021 3:38AM MST

I wish I could remember the blogger I used to read whose tagline was a tribute to St. Vodka of the Martini ... the martinis help with sleep, but don’t help much with memory.
Adam Smith
Saturday - April 24th 2021 8:45PM MST
PS: Real-world maff is valued over maff in the real world.

Maff perpetuates harm on Black, Latinx, and multilingual students. Maff is white supremacy.



Adam Smith
Saturday - April 24th 2021 8:37PM MST
PS: Maff is raciss... ☮
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