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Posted On: Tuesday - November 16th 2021 9:42PM MST
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This yahoo headline gives only one side of the story. We are supposed to believe it, as is. Many do. I include myself here, as many times we may get some news from just the scanning of headlines. I suppose yahoo counts on that, like the rest of the Lyin' Press. You tend to see the lying-by-omission when you've already read more on the rest of the story.

I try to avoid even glancing at the yahoo fake news headlines the page appears after I log out of an email account. Sometimes I can't get the tab closed in time. The screenshot above is from one of those times. I went ahead and clicked on that one for this post's sake and for the sake of my curiosity about how they were going to spin the story of school boards' shutting down of speech against the anti-White lessons and Feral Gov't Attorney's General* threats to label concerned Americans as terrorist 180 degrees.

What yahoo did in their article 'I Don't Want to Die for It': School Board Members Face Rising Threats was to spend much of the article fixating on one story about one Oregon City, Corvallis, and one Corvallis, Oregon School Board member, one Sami Al-Abdrabbuh. You might guess where Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh stands on White people.
Like many school board races this year, the one in May in Corvallis, a left-leaning college town in the northwest corner of the state, was especially contentious, swirling around concerns not only about the coronavirus pandemic but also the teaching of what Al-Abdrabbuh called the “dark history” of America’s struggle with race.
Back in Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh's old country, back in the day, well, OK, a sometimes now too, black people were/are taken by the millions as slaves, the males being castrated and the women being made into sex slaves. The good thing is, there was not much of a struggle.

I gotta say, I can kinda see this guy inducing a bit of animosity from the good people of Corvallis, Oregon. The trouble began:
It was only days after Sami Al-Abdrabbuh was reelected to the school board in Corvallis, Oregon, that the text messages arrived.

The first, he said, was a photograph taken at a shooting range. It showed one of his campaign’s lawn signs — “Re-Elect Sami” — riddled with bullet holes.

The second was a warning from a friend. This one said that one of their neighbors was looking for Al-Abdrabbuh. The neighbor was threatening to kill him.
I dunno. I'm guessing the guy with the picture of the shot-up campaign sign was a friend, not the guy at the range. Who knows? It's yahoo news.
Even months later, Al-Abdrabbuh, chair of the school board, is still taking precautions. He regularly speaks to police and scans his driveway in the morning before walking to his car. He often mixes up his daily route to work.

“I love serving on the school board,” he said. “But I don’t want to die for it.”
Do yourself a favor then, Al-Abdrabbuh, along with the people of Corvallis, and quit. Per further down in the story, you're not helping the kids:
His opponent, Bryce Cleary, a local doctor, often complained that conservative voices were not being heard by board members, some of whom, he said, were “pushing political agendas.” At one candidate forum, Cleary argued that the board under Al-Abdrabbuh’s leadership had spent more time on inclusion and diversity than on math and science.

“The problem is our schools are not doing what they’re supposed to do,” Cleary said.
Regarding a school district on the other side of the country, Brevard County, Florida, we hear of a Miss Jenkins from the school board:
Then in July, after the district put in place a mask mandate for students, a Republican state lawmaker posted Jenkins’ cellphone number on his Facebook page, and her voicemail filled with hateful messages. Not long after, she said, someone burned the letters “FU” into her lawn with weed killer and chopped down the bushes in front of her house.
"Hateful" has been watered down to saying something you disagree with, so that doesn't impress me. Burning "FU" into her lawn with the weed killer is clever and easier than painting it on the driveway in the middle of the night, so a B for creativity. I don't condone chopping down bushes though, ... other than those sticker-leaved Hollies that really deserve it.

In California, always the vanguard of Educational and all kinds of other stupidity,
Near Sacramento, he wrote, one entire school board had to flee its chamber after protesters accosted the members.
What kind of sick business was the board up to that induced this amount of animosity? They don't say. I read nothing about the Dad in Loudoun County, Virginia who's daughter was raped by a skirt-wearing man in the girls' bathroom. He was arrested for getting a little upset and physical at the school board meeting there, as rape was covered up and the culprit unpunished. Yahoo didn't have space to mention this bit.

Meanwhile back on the West Coast:
In one extreme case, in suburban San Diego, a group of people protesting mask mandates disrupted a school board meeting in September. After taking an unauthorized vote, they summarily installed themselves as the district’s new board.
Ha! Nice job,guys! Now that there's democracy in action ... OK, unauthorized democracy.

Sorry, but these school board members brought this on themselves by refusing to listen to parents who want none of the anti-White teaching, the genderbender nuttiness being taught to their kids and practiced in the bathrooms, and the PanicFest procedures. People have had enough. One man's "hurling of obscenities" and "menacing disruptions" are another man's only way to get through to these people.

Merrick Garland's siccing of the FBI on complaining parents is mentioned. The sickness that is being taught to our kids is not. Has yahoo ever published articles giving the other side of the story?

PS: I'll give yahoo writer Alan Feuer credit for one thing in this article though: "Republican attorneys general* in 17 states ..."

* There's some William Safire level prose there. I almost wrote "Attorney Generals". I ask myself WWWSW. He has been known to order "Two Whoppers Junior" at the BK.

Adam Smith
Thursday - November 18th 2021 7:11PM MST
PS: French onion soup???

Thursday - November 18th 2021 4:44AM MST

Moderator wrote: "I wonder if there is a big overlap between the Flu Manchu panickers and the Climate Crisis, aka Global Climate Disruption, aka, Climate Change, aka, Global Warming, panickers. What do you think?"

People have proposed this and I find it a useful avenue to explore as we continue to search for answers to why the Corona-Panic happened.

Here is one comment from refl, originally a Sailer commenter who in the 2010s occasionally left comments at my site:

Quoting in full. The regular around here Mr Anderson suggested the "Tony Heller video" (which is still up at



"Thanks for the link to the Tony Heller video. Everything he says sounds right. He puts the Corona-Panic arc together like a synopsis of a dystopian sci-fi novel or film, and one with a rather weak (absurd) plot. (I can already hear the people of the future laughing at us.)

I don’t know who Tony Heller is, but I see the presentation’s opening slide has “Pulling back the Curtain on Junk Science —” I assume he is associated with, or runs, that website. And so it is that add a tally to the anti-Panic side for a Climate Change Skeptic.

The commenter refl, writing in the “Corona as Religious Cult” post here last month, proposed that there were predecessor cults to the Corona-Cult, some of them even civic cults (as Corona became) or quasi-civic cults. Refl pointed to climate change as a possible predecessor quasi-civic-cult. I have never really taken interest in the pro- vs. anti-climate change debate, but as for social movement dynamics, there is a good point here.

(see refl's comment here:

By chance, today on Youtube a video I was watching ended and a Dec. 2009 interview with Thomas Sowell came up on autoplay. I ended up listening to the interview. Sowell and the host at one point talk about global warming (lately re-branded as climate change). It was an eerie few minutes from 10.5 years ago, because replace a detail here and a word there and they were describing (one plank of) the Corona-Panic. (See interview here; the relevant section starts at 29:55 and goes a few minutes; see if you don’t see how much what they’re saying applies to Corona-Panic.)

I have been meaning to write a post collecting thoughts on what pre-existing social energies aligned under the pro-Panic coalition, in Feb./March, and what under the anti-Panic coalition (forming later; lost the initiative early). I think people will be studying it for years and years to come. The cases of these kinds of “predecessor cults” has a role, if not in direct chain then certainly in outline of how these movements work in our era."

(end quote)

Thursday - November 18th 2021 3:41AM MST

Moderator wrote:

"I've been all around this land, so I am familiar. That entire Willamette valley is green and beautiful, but mostly full of lefties from Portland down to Ashland, or wherever there is a college. It seems like lefties always get or take over the most scenic locales. What is up with that"

In the specific case of Corvallis (a place I have never been), it looks to be a college town --- Oregon State University is there and probably most residents have some kind of direct connection to the college. This explains the connection to Portland. A clear cultural colony, the college anchor enough to overcome the substantial travel times.

As a college town, poor Corvallis became a prime candidate for "Big Blue" colonization in the past two generations, and spillover like getting Al-Abdrabbuhs on the school board is expected.

I see Al-Abdrabbuh's connection to Corvallis starts in 2012 or 2013, specifically and solely because of the college. He was airdropped into Oregon State, the gears greased by Saudi oil money.

From a bio posted to Oregon State University website in 2016:

"In 2012, Al-AbdRabbuh (b.1987) received funding from the Saudi government to pursue a graduate degree in the United States."

This after taking a degree at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia in 2010 (BS in Control and Instrumentation Systems Engineering).

Al-Abdrabbuh ran for Oregon state legislature in 2015-16 on a Hard Left ticket, soon after completing his Saudi-financed degree at Oregon State, lost, but then was scooted into a safe position on the school board sometime in 2017, where he has been since.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - November 18th 2021 2:44AM MST
PS Mr. Ganderson th efollowing refers to a post of your in a former thread - but I'll post it here so it isn't overlooked, because I'm a little late here - so here is my answer:

PS - Mr. Ganderson, you're onto something which - in its underdeterminedness - is more interesting than quite a few of the - let me call them: Overdetermined - theories.

You touched on a point I cmoe back to quite often, and it is one that Michel Houellebecq made first (well not really-  this point too is old: There's autistic Cologne Pop-lyricist and photographer Rolf Dieter Brinkmann (Westward I & II), there's Walter Benjamin (progress looks good but is intimidating), Luwig Klages, Spengler, Heidegger (Hugo von Hofmannsthal right before them - - - with his disgust about words / and communication in his Letter of Lord Chandos, Rimbaud, of course right before him - - - - these traces of hollowness of - - something lacking - if only one knew what that was... Kerouac knew of this poison and fought it with action, Salinger developed it in his Holden Caulfield's - distance to "the business" (Hollywood not least)...Oblomov. Bartleby. Günter Grass' faible for snails (the snail as a symbol for progress) - and, mythic God of vanity - - - Sisyphus. Burton and - Albrecht Dürer about - melancholia 
melencolia_i.jpg (1446×1921) (
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 6:11PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I've been all around this land, so I am familiar. That entire Willamette valley is green and beautiful, but mostly full of lefties from Portland down to Ashland, or wherever there is a college. It seems like lefties always get or take over the most scenic locales. What is up with that

While I got you on the horn, Mr. Hail, I wonder if there is a big overlap between the Flu Manchu panickers and the Climate Crisis, aka Global Climate Disruption, aka, Climate Change, aka, Global Warming, panickers. What do you think? I wanna see a Hail to You post, end-o-bidness week!


Seriously, though, I think that merits some discussion.
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 6:06PM MST
PS: Sorry, Adam, I'm anti-onion - can handle them raw to some degree, but cooked ones gross me out.

Yes, people expect babysitting now, paid for by those with or without children, and some are pushing for mandator pre-K. Why mandatory? So, the State can raise them, leaving more time for working 2 or 3 jobs at 10 bucks an hour.

Thanks, Alarmist. I didn't get around to checking out the guy's bio. An industrial engineer too? (Not quite up there with mechanical/electrical/civil/chemical, but still, the guy's not stupid.) As you say, he's in the Education business, so that school board gig is part of the business strategy. Hey, Al, do you want to die, though?!
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 3:40PM MST

"Al-Abdrabbuh, chair of the school board" of Corvallis, Oregon.

It seems this town is part of the wider census definition of Greater Portland ("Portland-Vancouver-Salem Combined Statistical Area"), population 3.3 million.

Portland Oregon metro area proper is 2.5 million, plus several lesser and outlying areas totaling 0.8 million, these found to be tied economically to Portland.

Corvallis itself is a two-hour car drive one way (or 90 mins with luck, light traffic, and speed) with no real regular public-transportation or any kind of reliable regional train service. So it would be seem to be weakly tied at best. But the census bureau wouldn't include it without a reason, and afaik the reason is economic ties. There are lots of people living in Corvallis who work in Portland or Portland (core) metro area.

So we have to call Corvallis a kind of colony of Portland, of the deep-blue Pacific Northwest coast quintessentially anchored by Seattle and Portland with a few honorable mentions, and a possible partial inclusion of San Francisco.

The presence of these elite Al-Abdrabbuhs is symbolic of Portland's characteristic commitment to Stuff White People Like-ism.

Oregon's Benton County houses the city of Corvallis and this Al-Abdrabbuh. It voted Republican in almost every election of the 20th century until 1988, but has now tilted so far D it went forty points (68-28) for Biden over Trump in 2020 despite a large White voting majority. I would interpret this tilt as sign of steady colonization by Portland or people who want to be associated with Portland. They tipped the scales already by the late 1980s and now so completely dominate the place it cannot help but be tossed in as part of Portland.

One can blame the Al-Abdrabbuhs, but they didn't do the deed, they didn't force their way in, they coasted in on Portland's coattails.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 10:36AM MST

It’s a sham Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh isn’t a Somali ... Sammy and Skinny are what we used to call them, and if you see this guy, you’ll get it.

Guy co-owns a company that makes educational materials ... no conflicts here.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 9:47AM MST

Bullet holes, eh? Must have been Kyle Rittenhouse ... that whypeepo raging vigilante is everywhere.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 17th 2021 9:15AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...
It is I... (Yeah, sounds pretentious.)

Once upon a time, my wife and I ate at five guys.
We each ordered a burger, fries and water. It was pretty tasty but it cost ~$50. Not sure how they stay in business.

A Whopper, when done right, is the best fast food burger, in my opinion. My wife prefers hers without tomato.

“Just a plain whopper, no cheese, no nuthin', OK, maybe a little ketchup.”

I agree with you about the cheese, but do you really prefer your whopper without mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and sliced onion?

Onion = Happiness!

As far as the rest of the article, there shouldn't be school boards as there shouldn't be “government” schools.

People should babysit and educate their own children.

Petty politicians like Sami Al-Abdrabbuh should just quit and go do something productive for a change.
Politicians (small and large) are a pox upon society.

Wednesday - November 17th 2021 6:39AM MST
PS: Haha. I beg to differ, Mr. Ganderson. I don't differ with you on grammar, just on the fast food. I gotta say, if you are going to get a fast food burger from one of the standard chains (I have not had a 5 Guys burger, so I recuse myself there), a plain Whopper seems to be the most healthful to me, I mean, if there's really beef in there... Just a plain whopper, no cheese, no nuthin', OK, maybe a little ketchup.

That and a water used to clear up my system long ago, if the room had been spinning the previous night of drinking pitchers of beer, interrupted by a trip to the porcelain goddess.

Wednesday - November 17th 2021 5:45AM MST

I think it’s probably “Whopper Juniors”, as the noun is made up of both words, but what do I know? I remember Safire pissing off a lot of grammar Nazis when he said it was ok to say “ it’s me”, arguing that “ it is I” sounded pretentious. (Pretentious? Moi?)

It begs the question of why one would get a Whopper, Junior or not.
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