The modern grade school as medium-security correctional facility

Posted On: Monday - January 8th 2018 7:16PM MST
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Elementary school or medium-security correctional facility? I guess the difference is in the clothing and availability of nap-time rugs.

Since school is back in session, I will write a little on something I meant to at the beginning of the school year. Listen, I have paid lots of taxes to these people in this district for quite some time, so, anyone reading this on the taxpayers' dime Benjamins, you can shut up right now with your objections.

Things have changed a lot over my lifetime in America, as it drifted toward and then accelerated with the hammer down, to it's current police-state form. Sending kids to school in the morning really hammers the point home, as the difference between my time in the grade school and the kids' now is stark. I have heard the jokes over the years of school being like a prison, but that was just from the kids that hated it because they didn't do well.. or so it seemed then.

The security apparatus is part of it, with the full-time cop even at the elementary school (yes, in a diversified school, that is almost a must - glad I didn't get to partake myself). Teachers have plastic badges, you need a visit and piece of paper just to walk down the damn hall, if your kid forgot something, and the main door must be unlocked from the office after you buzz. It that a medium-security thing, or max, come to think of it? Why would they need that? After all aren't all the little ones innocent at Shawshank Elementary?

"You're gonna fit right in. Everyone in here is innocent, you know that? Heywood, what you in here for?". "Didn't do it, Red. Councilor fucked me."

As much as distain as I have for the Schools of Education at the Universities, propped up completely by state laws requiring a worthless certificate of a Masters in Education to teach the little ones, it's mostly not the teachers at fault. The state government gets involved, as MANDATED by the Feral Gov't in Washington, FS (to show they are DOING SOMETHING), and that make these teachers' working lives miserable, at least compared to 20-40 years back. (In fact, one teacher told me that all the worst stuff came down in the last dozen years.)

In kindergarten, for crying out loud, the teachers were worried about the kids being ready for some damn mandated tests. The curriculum ... hey wait right there ... it's freakin' kindergarten and you need a curriculum? Yeah, anyway, the nearly 7-hour day was broken up into periods of 15 minutes. Whatever happened to just enjoying the little ones, teaching them some letters here and there, and having the 1/2 hour nap time. That's all I can remember, along with even the color of my nap rug. Wouldn't the simple, short, peaceful day be better for everyone than the frantic following of THE CURRICULUM? So, yeah, no time for nap time at all now in this busy schedule. and we all know recess is too short.

Our kid in the elementary school could learn a whole lot more on a trip with us for a week than the time at school, nice conscientious teacher notwithstanding. Yet, the attendance policy mentions "THE LAW" and child "protective" services if one doesn't meet their requirements. It's a shame to have to teach a kid at that age why we may have to lie to the school just to keep our plans. Hey, we've paid our money over the years - it's not their business whether we are going to partake of their paid-for services or not each day.

A final aspect of the grade school that makes it prison-like is the silly 3-letter abbreviation for the room/treatment the one or two bad kids go to/get. I can't even remember the acronym, but it's something out of 1984 or the Dept. of Motherland Security, one. Just say "we're gonna put you in the other room to chill out", or "go home".

A haven't even written about high school yet, but that could be another post, if it doesn't depress me too much.

It's not just that the kids have to endure this, but the many procedures and the bureaucracy are teaching the kids to behave like prisoners. That's the real problem, and I've only seen worse than that at the TSA areas in airports (except it's all ages getting prepped for the FEMA camps there).

What's the way out? One word: Homeschooling. Yes, that is the biggest way any family can stick it to the globalist elites. I am fairly surprised that this growing effort has not been clamped down on already. It may take more sacrifice than, say, cutting the TV cable, but to have millions of young adults taught to live as free people vs. prisoners is priceless for America.

Tuesday - January 16th 2018 6:51AM MST
PS It is not ISS at this school, but I also have a syndrome that goes by it's own 3-letter abbreviation, called CRS.

I guess I would know the acronym if my kid was one of the ones that goes there.

i do remember what "CRS" stands for - "Can't Remember Shit".


Monday - January 15th 2018 8:55AM MST
PS> the silly 3-letter abbreviation for the room/treatment the one or two bad kids go to/get. I can't even remember the acronym

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