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Posted On: Thursday - February 8th 2018 8:13PM MST
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Not the way life was meant to be...

This will probably be the last of this for a while. It's another example of the modern women's lifestyle that takes them off the track of their main purpose for being on this earth. I'm just posting this because it's from personal experience again, as in the previous post on this topic, yet more of another example of the post prior to that, involving working woman.

I spoke for a while while on a business trip with a younger lady who was also traveling on business. Yes, she told me, it was very challenging, what she was doing, she was very excited, she didn't mind the sacrifice of being away from the home for a couple of days each and every week, yeah, yeah, yeah. First of all, I don't work for HR young lady, you don't have to feed me that crap. I am not concerned in this case that a career man could have been in this job supporting a family - no, this "position" requires degrees in Education, meaning that I don't think this job should have ANYBODY doing it!

This lady travels to different schools to teach the teachers how to use some new software for the kids. Yes, there's plenty of money for the software and the consultants like this woman to jet around to support it. It's like unlimited, this money, until the school needs you to send in extra pencils and freakin' saltine crackers. (I'm gonna get more into this Educational Stupidity topic key in the near future.) The problem I have is that most of the make-work careers are filled by career woman. The taxes or just big-corporate spending that support this stuff come from the labor of lots of hard-working men with careers. As Peak Stupidity stated before (somewhere, as I couldn't find it just now), this theft of labor hours is nothing less than a reduction of one's lifespan.

That's just the half of it; let's get back to the evils of feminism here. With regard to the damage done to the general happiness of society, I will just say categorically that I think this women would be happier having popped out a few little ones by now. She is in her twenties - prime age for this - yet "it's a struggle, but we are making it work" (She and her husband, who travels around for his, lot's cooler, job). This writer has no women's intuition, but just the way the woman talked sounded an awful lot like she was trying to convince herself this was an appropriate and best lifestyle, not me.

As commenter Jack D. wrote under the Steve Sailer post regarding software career women,
This is the great irony of modern feminism – there is one job (having babies) that women are infinitely better at than men but that’s the job that they DON’T want to do.
Concise and on the money, there.

It would not have prudent for Peak Stupidity to have asked this young lady whether she really liked this whole career woman thing. It's just that, from the women I know well, the truth will come out at the right moment. The lifetime of feminist brainwashing doesn't get to all parts of the brain and body, as much work as is put into it.

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