Educational whack-a-mole, per Steve Sailer and that Virginia Dare post

Posted On: Saturday - February 17th 2018 11:27AM MST
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(All well and good and PC, but not in my kid's class.)

... referenced yesterday. I had indicated there would be a 2nd post. What I want to write here is mostly about stuff that iSteve, aka Steve Sailer has written about, nay, taught me about, over the last few years about many aspects of educational stupidity regarding parents/schools Just as an aside, the Peak Stupidity blog is specifically referring to primary and high school (whatever the terms are now) vs. "higher" education with the topic key Educational Stupidity, as the Universities have their own specific flavor of stupidity covered well here with a separate topic key.

Sailer has written so much about parent's struggle with or in the schools to get their children ahead, and the politics of it, that this knowledge is all spread out over perhaps 100's of posts. One however, came to mind as the "whack-a-mole" phrase came into my head from this iSteve post.
I pointed out a long time ago that public schools go through a regular cycle in which science-denialist Social Justice Warriors decide that “tracking” students into different classes or schools by academic aptitude is racist because of the inevitable racial gaps, so they abolish the programs, only to have the teachers who actually care about educating students revive them under new euphemisms, such as “Advanced Placement.”

It then take a number of years for the SJW administrators to figure out they’ve been hoodwinked, at which they set out on the warpath once again to burn down effective institutions.

Fortunately, since the realist teachers tend to be a lot smarter than the SJWs, the anti-educators are usually behind at playing their game of whack-a-mole.
This is really the gist of the short post, as the remainder is an example with some stats, as iSteve likes his stats!

This is where the last portion of the "Virginia Dare"-written VDare post discussed yesterday comes in. Here is the last part in the article about the Oriental kid trying to do forbidden, offensive science:
Indeed, rather than this episode forcing an objective examination about racial differences in intelligence, it’s being used as an excuse to impose more “diversity” in gifted programs. Of course, the only way to do that is by lowering standards, which removes the whole point of the gifted programs. Indeed, it’s because of the objective existence of racial differences in intelligence that we know any gifted program is going to have disproportionately large members of some groups (such as Asians) and disproportionately smaller members of others.
This is what Sailer's been writing about for years. The left-wing pro-diversity well-off/big-city parents push their kids hard to get into the gifted programs, and even the best $20,000 kindergartens! True, part of the reason is of course for a good education, but also for connections. The education is good because the kids are smart to begin with, but they are kept out of the classrooms with the distruptive diverse kids. Yes, it's hypocritical for these parents to still push the diversity on the rest who don't have the means, connections, and sometimes intelligence, to get into their kids into the same good educational lives. What's worse is that the kids of these parents end up getting brainwashed coming and going - from their parents, the schools themselves, no matter how little diversity actually occurs in their little realm, and then at the prestigious University. It's gotta be pretty hard to shake that shit - usually the light comes on about retirement age, best case!

Virginia Dare may not have read iSteve as much on this whack-a-mole concept, but that's what it'll come down to again. The parents that have the means to get their kids into good educational environments will have to figure out another loop hole.

Then come the wooden hammers again ... and so on ... and so on...
One would think teachers, of all people, would know that. But just as the last place you’ll discover the truth today is in a newspaper, the last place you’ll find real science today is in an American school. At least the public ones.
Yes, homeschooling for the WIN WIN WIN!

Oh, the teachers all have degrees from colleges of education, so yes, Virginia (Dare), there is no intelligent life down here. (Haha, combined two expressions there, #WINNING!)

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