Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

Posted On: Monday - January 2nd 2017 6:52PM MST
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For the continuation of our featuring of great Canadian musicians, we present Joni Mitchell singing Both Sides Now. Yes, this one is raw and doesn't have the great production like the Judy Collins version that was famous on the radio back in the day. Joni wrote this, and it has a beautiful tune and beautiful lyrics.

Oh, we added a topic key of "California" to this post, just due to the fact that Joni moved from Alberta to California as a young lady - I think she always kept that Canadian accent, but it's pretty understandable, compared to say, REM from Georgia. More about the once-beautiful California in later posts as promised, but it should be mentioned right here that Led Zeppelin's line in Going to California that says "Someone told me there's a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers, in her hair" was a reference to Joni.

NOTE: I had first thought that this video was stretched horizontally out of it's filmed aspect ratio, as she looks just a little hippy. No, I mean, I know she was a hippy, I'm talking about her hips. But, I don't think so, now. The truth is in this picture, which possesses in it's attic, of the artist buck naked and spectacular*. It's from the inside of the folded-out album cover - see kids, you can't get this kind of stuff off your newfangled mp3 files, Lord knows I've tried.

*Oops, we neglected to mention that this was a photo from behind... , but STILL! sincerely regrets thelack of frontal nudity error.

Saturday - September 23rd 2017 5:19PM MST
Just saw your comment, Grandpa Charlie. [Insert embarassment emoticon here]. Yeah, I wish I had been older during Joni's time.
Graandpa Charlie
Saturday - August 12th 2017 11:14PM MST
Yeah, now this is more like it - video, image ... and even sex appeal.
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