The latest actual AntiChrist according to our part-time intern

Posted On: Tuesday - January 3rd 2017 7:13PM MST
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This is why here at PeakStupidity we adamantly refuse to give out stock tips. Within approximately 1 week's time, we are for the 3rd time, absolutely sure who may be is the AntiChrist.

These two posts about president-eject Øb☭ma and The Hildabeast, respectively, made efforts to demonstrate the fitness of these two beasts for the role of AntiChrist. However, upon further study, our part-time intern (it's hard to fire people who aren't really on the payroll) has submitted a damning report that leads us to believe that all signs lead to this guy:

PeakStupidity had had mixed feelings anyway with our decision to call it for the Hildabeast so early on in the game. It just seems like the AntiChrist would have done a better job to swing a simple thing like a US Red Team vs. Blue Team election in it's favor, especially considering the ace cards already out of the hole (Gov't press on-board, the votes from the dead and non-Americans and even dead non-Americans, and so on). Maybe the AntiChrist is also to be a moronic product of the public indoctrination centers schools, but that was not mentioned in Revelation.

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